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The warm climate and unique vegetation diversity of Arizona makes it home to a wide range of species that can become pests in your home. While you are still likely to face many of the traditional pests found in other areas of the country such as roaches, ants and termites, there are other culprits to look out for in Arizona as well.

Living in or near a desert means you will probably encounter your fair share of spiders. Anytime spiders end up in your home, you will need pest control treatment. However, there are a few dangerous, Arizona spiders you should be especially aware of; the black widow, the desert recluse and the scorpion.

The black widow is commonly found in many states and is characterized by a red hourglass-shaped marking. Not all black widows have this marking, but most exhibit other small red markings as well. A black widow spider bite is very dangerous and should be treated immediately. The desert recluse, which is related to the more commonly known brown recluse spider, is also a formidable pest in the southwestern United States, including Arizona. This spider does not have the same memorable violin shaped marking as the brown recluse and can therefore be more difficult to identify. Scorpions also have a strong presence in Arizona. Despite their reputations, a scorpion bite usually isn't deadly, but it is still a very painful experience that everyone wants to avoid. Because these spiders can be dangerous, it is extremely important to focus on preventative pest control to protect your home and family from these arachnids.

Another common pest in Arizona is the roof rat. These rodents favor the warm climate found in the southwest. Besides being bothersome and unsightly, rodents like these can carry diseases. Roof rats can make their way into your home through very small holes, cracks or openings. They usually prefer high spaces such as attics. They feed off of fruit and vegetables and are even attracted to pet food. Roof rats prefer to burrow in trees or wood piles. Therefore, having a lot of shrubbery and trees close to the structure of your home can increase the possibility of roof rats ending up in your house.

Anyone living in Arizona has probably learned that the state has quite an abundance of ants. There are many different species of ants in this state and they play an important role in the deserts of Arizona. However, no one is interested in what contribution they can make to a home. Other pests commonly found in Arizona include carpenter bees, mosquitoes and beetles. There is a wide variety of each of these pests as well.

Understanding the types of pests common to your area is the first step toward determining the best pest control plan. If you are already battling these critters in your home, Terminix has solutions to help you solve any pest problem. Even if you haven't yet fallen victim to a pest problem, preventative treatments focused on the specific species native to Arizona will help you avoid ever having to face such an unpleasant problem.


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