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California has a very diverse landscape with climates varying by region. Naturally, this leads to a very diverse range of pests for California residents. Though a regional breakdown of pests would require a few more specific species, an overview of pests common to all of California is helpful to homeowners. California is home to most of the common pests found throughout the United States such as cockroaches, ants, spiders and ticks. The key is to know the specific species common to the state as they each cause different problems and are drawn into the home for different reasons.

Arguably the most detested of all household pests, cockroaches have a strong presence in the Sunshine State with the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach being the most common species. The German cockroach is more common in homes than the Oriental cockroach. They will feed off essentially anything and often make their way inside searching for food. This type of cockroach can give off an unpleasant odor and they are known to carry diseases. Additionally, some people are allergic to cockroaches and their presence can be a health problem. The Oriental cockroach usually stays outdoors preferring moist areas, but can sometimes end up inside through drains and pipes. The Oriental cockroach can also fly, distinguishing it from the German cockroach.

When it comes to ants, in California, the Argentine ant is the most common of pests. Fortunately, Argentine ants don't bite or sting, but they do enjoy the indoors quite a bit. These ants typically move indoors when the weather is cooler, looking for a warmer environment. Their small size allows them to fit through very tiny cracks or openings to get into your home. Another unique aspect of the Argentine ant is that they don't compete with other Argentine ant colonies and will happily coexist, which can result in an even greater presence of them in your home.

While there are a variety of species of spiders in California, the black widow is the one of greatest concern. This spider is not typically aggressive toward humans, but a bite can be very dangerous, especially if not treated. The signifying feature of a black widow is the reddish hour-glass shaped marking on its abdomen. However, it's important to note that not all black widows have this distinct feature and may just exhibit some red spots. Anytime you spot a spider matching this description in any way, it's best to leave it alone and call professional help from Terminix.

Another pest to be especially aware of in California is the tick. These pests come in a variety of species and carry many diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more. In California, some of the most commonly found ticks include the American dog tick, the winter tick, the Western black legged tick and the Pacific Coast tick. Due to the risk of disease they carry, you should never handle a tick and a tick bite should be monitored very closely.

California is no stranger to pest problems, and the ones mentioned above are just a few that you may encounter in this state. No matter what area of California you live in, Terminix is available to help you prevent and treat any pest problems you may encounter, keeping your home safe and pest free.


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