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Fortunately for Delaware residents, the state is not known for severe pest problems. However, homeowners can still expect to experience a presence of some of the pests common through the East coast and the United States. It's important to treat for pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, and stinging insects in order to avoid finding these unwanted intruders in your home. Additionally, a few key pests that Delaware residents should pay special attention to are termites, carpet beetles and moths. Knowing what kind of pests to expect in your home and the type of damage they typically cause, will help you avoid pest problems.

It's no secret that termites are incredibly destructive creatures. Once they make their way into the structure of your home, the damage they can cause is immense. In Delaware, as well as most of the United States, the Eastern subterranean termite is the most common culprit. These termites feed on wood cellulose, which is in the interior part of a wooden structure. This is especially problematic because the damage is inside the wood and cannot be easily seen. Often, by the time termites are discovered they have already done thousands of dollars in damage. Wooden foundation under your house, floorboards, and trim are all commonly attacked by these termites. Terminix pest experts can help you identify a potential termite problem and treat it appropriately.

Another considerable pest problem in Delaware comes from various types of carpet beetles. There are several different species of carpet beetles in Delaware, but with all of them the problem is primarily with the larvae, not the adult beetles. These insects will make themselves at home in your house feeding on all types of natural products from clothes to food. Clothes and fabrics that are particularly attractive to the larvae include such things as fur, wool and feathers. Carpet beetle larvae infestations can also be found in many grain foods.

Delaware homeowners should also be aware of the risks associated with moths. The two most common moths in Delaware are the webbing clothes moth and the case-bearing clothes moth. Just as with the carpet beetle, it is the larvae that cause damage within the home. Clothes moths usually enter your home on clothing items and the infestation can then spread to different rooms of your house. These pests prefer dark spaces, and are therefore usually in rooms that go unused for periods of time such as closets or attics. Unfortunately, when in these undisturbed areas they are left to do the most damage, leaving holes in your clothes. Moths can sometimes be prevented with a few housekeeping practices such as cleaning clothes before storing them, and regularly inspecting stored items.

As with all pests, it is much better to prevent a problem than treat an infestation. Terminix can help you establish a safe and effective service plan that best suits the needs of your home. If and when any pest problems do arise in your home, Terminix will be there to eliminate them.


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