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Florida's warm climate and moderate temperatures throughout the year are one of the many reasons people move to this state. It is also one of the reasons Florida has more than its fair share of pests. The warm weather combined with high levels of humidity make the Sunshine State a pest paradise. To give you a better understanding of some of the types of critters you can expect to see in and around your Florida home, we'll discuss some of the most popular Florida pests. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and a Terminix pest expert can help you identify any unknown pests in your home and begin a safe and effective treatment plan.

Mosquitoes are a major annoyance throughout Florida. These biting critters breed in water, making Florida a preferred location for them, not only because of the humidity but also because it is a coastal state with vast amounts of water. There are 80 known species in Florida, 13 of which can transmit diseases. Besides just causing irritating bites, these pests can potentially be dangerous.

Cockroaches are also a common problem in Florida, with the American and German cockroach being the most popular. In Florida, the American cockroach is often referred to as a Palmetto bug. These unsightly critters are very adept at making their way into your home. The American cockroach is significantly larger and prefers moist areas. Conversely, the German cockroach is relatively small and usually found near food such as in the kitchen.

Another major pest problem for Floridians is ants. The number of ant species in this state reaches into the hundreds. A few of the most often encountered ones to look out for include fire ants, carpenter ants and acrobat ants. Of the existing fire ants in Florida, there are two major species. One is native to the United States and the other was imported from South America. Carpenter ants and acrobat ants both build their homes in moist, rotting wood. Infestations of these pests are very common outside, but if the opportunity exists, they will also make their home in rotting wood inside your home.

As can be expected, Florida also has its share of spiders. The majority of Florida arachnids are harmless. However black widow spiders and recluse spiders are poisonous and should be encountered with caution. Florida is home to a couple different types of widow spiders including the black widow, the brown widow and the red widow. The well known black widow is a shiny black color and typically has red markings on its abdomen. There are three different types of recluse spiders that can be found in Florida; the brown recluse, the Chilean recluse, and the Mediterranean recluse. The common feature of all three species is the violin-shaped marking on its back. All of these spiders can produce a very dangerous bite and if found in or around your home, a pest control expert should be called.

Another spider common in Florida is the wolf spider. These large, hairy arachnids are not poisonous, but they have a slight resemblance to a tarantula and can therefore be very frightening to encounter. Even though they are not poisonous, they can still occasionally bite and are generally very unpleasant to have in your home.

No matter what kind of pest problem you are facing in your Florida home, Terminix has the skills and services to meet your needs.


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