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Hawaii is clearly a stand-alone state when it comes to climate and terrain. The beautiful coasts and mountains of this region, along with its year-round warm temperatures, bring about a unique array of household pests. Hawaiians may experience many of the common pests associated with the other 49 states such as termites, cockroaches and mosquitoes. However, there are also some other, more unique pests to be aware of including certain species of spiders, frogs, and ants.

In Hawaii, one of the more common spiders is the cane spider, which is sometimes known as the banana spider. This arachnid has a very intimidating appearance with long hairy legs, stretching several inches wide. However, it is actually quite harmless. Though it is venomous, it rarely bites and even when it does so the bite is too small to cause serious harm. Since these spiders feed on other pests such as roaches they can be quite useful, but it is still understandable that most homeowners do not want to suffer the fright of encountering these spiders in your home. Therefore, Terminix pest control experts can help you ensure that they stay outside.

A new and growing pest problem in Hawaii is the Coqui frog. This species is originally from Portugal and made its way to Hawaii, where it has become a major concern amongst residents. One of the reasons for its increase in presence is that it has no natural predators on the islands, allowing it to reproduce rapidly. These frogs are problematic for a few reasons. The first is related to the ecosystem of Hawaii, because they consume a vast number of insects and could endanger some native species. The other problem is the loud, annoying noise they create. This is where they become household pests, even keeping people up at night because of their noise.

Another type of frog that can be very problematic for homeowners is the cane toad. This species is primarily a threat to pets because of a toxic substance it releases as a defense mechanism. If a cane toad releases the toxin in close proximity to your animal or if it is eaten by your animal, they will likely die. Terminix understands that protecting the four-legged members of your family is a part of pest control and will therefore help you protect your home from these pests.

Hawaii is home to many of the species of ants commonly found throughout the United States such as carpenter, fire and argentine ants. However, the most common ant in Hawaii is the bigheaded ant. These ants create their nests around stumps or under rocks. If these nests are made near your home, they can easily enter through small cracks and become an indoor problem as well. Once, inside your home they will feed off of food products as well as other small insects.

Trying to combat a pest problem in your Hawaii home can be very difficult and time-consuming, which is why Terminix offers professional expertise to meet your needs. With safe, effective treatments you can eliminate your pest problems and keep your home and family safe.


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