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Living in Illinois, you will likely encounter a wide variety of different pests in your home. Some pests are mere annoyances and others can cause damage to your home or even be dangerous to you and your family members. Terminix offers safe, effective treatments to help prevent problems from occurring and eliminating them if they do. Understanding what type of pests to expect in your Illinois home is a key part of preventing infestations from occurring.

In Illinois, there are four main species of cockroaches that pose problems for homeowners; the German, American, Oriental and brownbanded cockroach. The German and brownbanded cockroach are most often found near sources of food, and make their way indoors much more often than the other Illinois cockroaches. You may see these pests appear more often in the kitchen, especially if crumbs are to be found. The Oriental and American cockroach prefer damp areas and usually prefer the outdoors, but may sometimes move indoors into bathrooms and basements. Oriental cockroaches are much darker and can fly. The American cockroach is significantly larger than the other species of cockroaches in Illinois.

Any pests in your home are considered a nuisance, but those that cause structural damage are even more daunting. Illinois has its fair share of wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants, subterranean termites and powder post beetles.

Carpenter ants are very prevalent in Illinois and are not only a nuisance, but can end up costing you're a lot of money. These insects burrow into wood to make their nests, but the damage is usually done on the inside of the wood and the only evidence of their existence is piles of sawdust that they leave behind. These pests are usually encountered from Spring to early Fall. The most common occurrences of carpenter ants in households are around moist wood areas such as windowsills, floorboards, porches and bathrooms.

Another one of the pests Illinois homeowners should pay very close attention to is the subterranean termite. These termites feed on wood cellulose, which is in the interior part of a wooden structure. This is especially problematic because the damage is inside the wood and cannot be easily seen. Often, by the time termites are discovered they have already done thousands of dollars in damage. Wooden foundation under your house, floorboards, and trim are all commonly attacked by these termites. Identifying termites can also be difficult because they look very similar to some ant species. In Illinois the eastern subterranean termite, the dark southeastern subterranean termite, and the light southeastern subterranean termite are all prevalent. Each species has a different period of activity; therefore termite swarms can be expected anytime from March to October in Illinois.

The powder post beetle may be less well known than termites and carpenter ants, but these pests can cause significant amounts of damage as well. It is the larvae that cause the most problems as they tunnel their way through your wood. Like termites, the damage often goes unseen from the outside and the only visible markings are small holes left when the adult beetles make their way out of the wood.

Pest control is a major part of owning a home in Illinois. Terminix pest control experts can help you devise a treatment plan to prevent these bugs from ever becoming a problem. However, if and when you do find yourself with a major pest problem, Terminix will be there to help you safely and effectively eliminate it.


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