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The geographical location and colder temperatures of Maine provide relief from some common pest problems such as termites, but homeowners in this state still have to worry about certain pest problems. Prevention is the best practice when it comes to pest control, and Terminix can help you establish a safe and effective treatment plan. However, if you are already facing pest problems, Terminix is ready to assist you as well and make your home pest free. One of the key steps in pest prevention is knowing what critters to expect in your home and what kind of trouble they can cause.

One pest that is very prevalent in Maine is ants. A variety of species make their home in Maine, but some of the most common ones include European fire ants, pavement ants, larger yellow ants and carpenter ants. European fire ants are clearly not a native species and are growing in population because they do not have natural predators in Maine. These pests are primarily a problem outside around your home and in the yard, but they deliver a painful sting if threatened. They prefer moist, rotting wood or mulch and are more common near the coastal areas of Maine. Pavement ants are also quite common and are blackish in color. They prefer to nest in pavement and sidewalk cracks but often enter the home through tiny openings. The larger yellow ant is a bright yellow and prefers to nest in soil, which can often be around your house or under porches leading them to enter your home. In Maine, these pests are most commonly found in the home during the fall. Carpenter ants are very prevalent in Maine as well and are not only a nuisance, but can also cause structural damage to your home. These ants are relatively large and in Maine the black and red carpenter ant both exist. These insects burrow into wood to make their nests, but the damage is usually done on the inside of the wood and the only evidence of their existence is piles of sawdust that they leave.

Japanese beetles are another common pest in Maine. These bugs are primarily a problem outdoors and can do significant damage to your plants and grass if not treated. Japanese beetles have a green head and small white tufts around the back. These pests have become a major problem because they are not native to America and have no natural predators.

Maine homeowners may also encounter a range of different spiders. Fortunately, the well known poisonous black widow and brown recluse are not native to the state. Most of the spiders you will find in your home are harmless. Nevertheless, they are still unwanted and Terminix will help you eliminate these pests. Wolf spiders are large, hairy arachnids, are not poisonous but have a slight resemblance to a tarantula, and can therefore be very frightening to encounter. Even though they are not poisonous, they can still occasionally bite and are generally very unpleasant to have in your home. Fisher spiders are also large and hairy and may commonly be found inside Maine homes. They prefer moist areas near rivers or ponds. Jumping spiders are another Maine inhabitant. This species is active during the day and is much smaller than the wolf and fisher spider. It is easily recognized by its four sets of eyes.

Other common pests in main include mites, moths, fleas and bedbugs, just to name a few. Terminix will work with you to identify any pest problems you may be having and devise a treatment plan for your home.


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