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Maryland has a temperate climate, but one that varies throughout different regions of the state, bringing about a diverse range of pests. Many homeowners have experienced pests in their homes, but don't actually know what species they are facing. One of the main aspects of pest control is knowing what critters are invading your home, what attracts them and what kind of damage they can cause. To facilitate this, we've detailed some of the more commonly found bugs in the state.

Boxelder bugs are a common pest in Maryland. Per their namesake, the boxelder bug primarily feeds on the seeds of the boxelder tree. However, they can also be found on many other types of plants. Though these bugs start out as an outdoor problem, in the fall and winter, they often move inside to escape the cold temperatures. It's no secret that any bugs inside your home are considered a nuisance, but the boxelder bug is harmless. Many argue that the most effective way to prevent problems from these pests is to remove their source of food from around your home; boxelder trees. However, this isn't necessarily the most desirable course of action, which is way Terminix offers treatment plans to help you avoid any problems resulting from these pests.

Clover mites are also a common pest in Maryland. These bugs are very small in size, with a circular shape and reddish color. Clover mites usually appear in the Spring and Fall, and make their way into your house through small cracks around windows and floorboards. Fortunately, these pests pose no threat to humans or your pets, but they can stain walls and rugs when crushed and are generally a nuisance to have inside your home.

Like most of the United States, bed bugs can be a major problem in Maryland. One of the biggest challenges of bed bugs is how difficult they are to get rid of. There are some steps you can take at home to alleviate the problem, but elimination typically requires professional help. Bed bugs can live or hide virtually anywhere in your home, which is one of the reasons they are so hard to tackle. The more clutter and ?stuff? you have in a room, the more welcome they will feel. Another issue is that they can survive over a year without any food, meaning the only way to get rid of these pests is by killing them all. Though their bite is not dangerous, bed bugs will bite humans leaving itchy red spots all over the skin.

Maryland homeowners may also experience earwigs in their homes from time to time. These pests are recognized by their long bodies and pinchers. Earwigs prefer cooler temperatures and moist areas. They sometimes move indoors in search of water or cooler temperatures. These pests can pinch if threatened, but they are harmless.

These are just a few of the pests common to Maryland. Other culprits include beetles, ants, cockroaches, moths and fleas. Terminix pest experts will help determine what pest problems exist in your home and devise a treatment strategy to eliminate unwanted pests.


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