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The temperate climate of Michigan combined with high levels of humidity, much of which comes from the Great Lakes, makes it an ideal environment for many pests. While some of the more commonly known pests, such as cockroaches, are easily recognizable, there are many species that are less known and understood. One of the first steps toward pest control is knowing what critters to expect in your home and what kind of damage they cause.

Spiders are a common problem in Michigan, especially in wooded areas and near water. Of the many different species found in this state, the one to be most concerned with is the brown recluse spider. Brown recluse spiders can vary in color from cream to dark brown. Their distinguishing feature is a violin-shaped marking on their back. These pests often seek shelter indoors, where they become a threat to you and your family. If you are bitten by one of these poisonous spiders you should seek medical attention.

Michigan homeowners may also experience earwigs in their homes from time to time. These pests are recognized by their long bodies and pinchers. Earwigs prefer cooler temperatures and moist areas. They sometimes move indoors in search of water or cooler temperatures. These pests can pinch if threatened, but they are harmless.

Ants are also a major household pest in Michigan. Two of the most common species found in Michigan are pavement ants and carpenter ants. Pavement ants are blackish in color. They prefer to nest in pavement and sidewalk cracks but often enter the home through tiny openings. Carpenter ants are very prevalent in Michigan and are not only a nuisance, but can also cause structural damage to your home. These ants are relatively large and black in color. These insects burrow into wood to make their nests, but the damage is usually done on the inside of the wood and the only evidence of their existence is piles of sawdust that they leave.

Rodents are another household problem in Michigan, as mice and rats commonly invade homes and buildings. Both of these species are considered social animals, meaning that they travel and live in large numbers. Therefore, if you've found evidence of one mouse or rat in your home, there is a good chance you have a few more lurking around. Both rats and mice are known to carry diseases and can contaminate food items or leave droppings around your house. Terminix provides a variety of solutions to help you eliminate these pests in your home.

These are just a few of the pests commonly found in Michigan. Other culprits include beetles, bedbugs, fleas and more. Some pests are simply a nuisance to have around, while others can cause serious damage to your house. Terminix pest control experts will work with you to determine the best course of treatment for your Michigan home. Prevention is the best pest control practice, but when pest problems do occur, safe effective treatments will help you eliminate these pests.


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