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Minnesota has a very unique climate with very diverse weather conditions. Extremely cold, snow-filled winters and hot summers combined with relatively high levels of humidity allow for a range of different pests. Many of these pests will seek shelter from the extreme temperatures of harsh winters and scorching summers. It's important to be prepared for what type of pests you may encounter and what type of damage they can cause in your home.

Minnesota is home to over a hundred different species of ants, but there are a few more common ones that you should be especially aware of. The thief ant is a very small, yellow ant that gets its name because it is known to steal the larvae of other ants. These ants sometimes make their way inside your home and will happily feed off of your food. Another common Minnesota ant is the pavement ant, which is blackish in color. They prefer to nest in pavement and sidewalk cracks but often enter the home through tiny openings. Carpenter ants are also very prevalent in Minnesota and are not only a nuisance, but can also cause structural damage to your home. These ants are relatively large and black in color. These insects burrow into wood to make their nests, but the damage is usually done on the inside of the wood and the only evidence of their existence is piles of sawdust that they leave.

Almost every state faces some kind of cockroach problem. In Minnesota, it is the German cockroach that is the most common culprit. This species of cockroach is most often found near sources of food. You may see these pests appear more often in the kitchen, especially if crumbs are to be found. These cockroaches are a brownish red color and have wings, however they do not fly. In addition to the fact that most people find cockroaches to be very repulsive, these pests pose a range of problems. Cockroaches carry diseases that can be spread to humans when they get into your food. Sometimes cockroaches can dispel an unpleasant odor and some humans are even allergic to these pests.

Minnesota homeowners also commonly encounter mice in their homes. Because mice are social creatures, they travel and live in numbers. Unfortunately for you, that means that if you've seen a mouse in your home or evidence of one, there are most likely more around. Mice can enter through extremely small spaces and once they arrive they intend to stick around. Like cockroaches, mice also carry diseases such as salmonella, which they can spread to humans. They can also cause structural damage around your home, besides being generally unpleasant to have as house guests.

Japanese beetles are another common pest in Minnesota. These bugs are primarily a problem outdoors and can do significant damage to your plants and grass if not treated. Japanese beetles have a green head and small white tufts around the back. These pests have become a major problem because they are not native to America and have no natural predators.

Anytime you find yourself facing a pest problem in your Minnesota home, Terminix is there to provide you with safe, effective treatment services.


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