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New York is home to one of the largest, most visited cities in the world. Over the last century, this has led to some serious pest problems for the state. While modern pest control policies and governmental efforts have these pest problems under control, there are still many critters that you may face in your New York home. Knowing what type of pests are prevalent in your state and what kind of problems they cause is the first step toward prevention.

Rodents are a major problem in New York, as mice and rats commonly invade homes and buildings. Both of these species are considered social animals, meaning that they travel and live in large numbers. Therefore, if you've found evidence of one mouse or rat in your home, there is a good chance you have a few more lurking around. Both rats and mice are known to carry diseases and can contaminate food items or leave droppings around your house. Terminix provides a variety of solutions to help you eliminate these pests in your home.

Though most of the United States now faces bed bug problems, New York may have the highest incidence of these pests. Bed bugs are a major problem in the state and leave many residents uncomfortable and unhappy. One of the biggest challenges of bed bugs is how difficult they are to get rid of. There are some steps you can take at home to alleviate the problem, but elimination typically requires professional help. Bed bugs can live or hide virtually anywhere in your home, which is one of the reasons they are so hard to tackle. The more clutter and 'stuff' you have in a room, the more welcome they will feel. Another issue is that they can survive over a year without any food, meaning the only way to get rid of these pests is by killing them all. Though their bite is not dangerous, bed bugs will bite humans leaving itchy red spots all over the skin.

In New York, several different species of cockroaches can be found; the German, American, Oriental and brownbanded cockroach are all common. The German and brownbanded cockroach are most often found near sources of food, and make their way indoors much more often than the other New York cockroaches. You may see these pests appear more often in the kitchen, especially if crumbs are to be found. The Oriental and American cockroach prefer damp areas and usually prefer the outdoors, but may sometimes move indoors into bathrooms and basements. Oriental cockroaches are much darker and can fly. The American cockroach is significantly larger than the other species of cockroaches in New York.

New York homeowners may also experience earwigs in their homes from time to time. These pests are recognized by their long bodies and pinchers. Earwigs prefer cooler temperatures and moist areas and will sometimes move indoors in search of such. These pests can pinch if threatened, but they are harmless.

Other common pests in New York include moths, spiders, beetles and more. New York homeowners face a great challenge when it comes to pest control, and these are just a few of the insects that will try to make your home their own. Fortunately, there are many safe, effective ways to protect your home from these pests. Terminix is committed to working with you on an individual basis to come up with an effective treatment plan for your home. Pest management is both an indoor and outdoor effort and Terminix works to ensure that these insects never become a problem for you and your family.


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