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The humid, continental climate of Ohio results in chilly winters and mild summers. These factors lead to a fair share of pest problems for homeowners in this state. However, being prepared for what pests you may encounter and what type of problems they can cause is one of the first steps toward preventing them. To help prepare you for the pests you may face in your home, below is detailed descriptions of some of the most common pests in Ohio.

Like most of the United States, bed bugs have recently become a major problem in Ohio. In recent years, the incidence of bed bugs in the state has increased significantly. One of the biggest challenges of bed bugs is how difficult they are to get rid of. There are some steps you can take at home to alleviate the problem, but elimination typically requires professional help. Bed bugs can live or hide virtually anywhere in your home, which is one of the reasons they are so hard to tackle. The more clutter and 'stuff' you have in a room, the more welcome they will feel. Another issue is that they can survive over a year without any food, meaning the only way to get rid of these pests is by killing them all. Though their bite is not dangerous, bed bugs will bite humans, leaving itchy red spots all over the skin.

Multicolored, Asian ladybugs are also a common Ohio home invader. They are a pale orange color with black spots on their back. Winter is the time when these pests become a serious problem as they move inside to spend the winter. These ladybugs sometimes secrete a fluid as a defense mechanism that creates an unpleasant smell. Additionally, when crushed, they can leave stains on your walls, carpets or drapes.

Another pest Ohio homeowners should pay very close attention to is the Eastern subterranean termite. These termites feed on wood cellulose, which is in the interior part of a wooden structure. This is especially problematic because the damage is inside the wood and cannot be easily seen. Often, by the time termites are discovered they have already done thousands of dollars in damage. Wooden foundation under your house, floorboards, and trim are all commonly attacked by these termites. Identifying termites can also be difficult because they look very similar to some ant species.

In Ohio, several different species of cockroaches can be found; the German, American, Oriental and brownbanded cockroach are all common. The German and brownbanded cockroach are most often found near sources of food, and make their way indoors much more often than the other Ohio cockroaches. You may see these pests appear more often in the kitchen, especially if crumbs are to be found. The Oriental and American cockroach prefer damp areas and usually remain outdoors, but may sometimes move inside into bathrooms and basements. Oriental cockroaches are much darker and can fly. The American cockroach is significantly larger than the other species of cockroaches in Ohio.

Many other pests including moths, mites, rodents, spiders and stinging insects are also very common in this state. No matter what type of pest problems you are facing in your Ohio home, Terminix will work with you on an individual basis to devise a safe and effective treatment plan to keep your home pest free.


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