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Most of Oklahoma is part of the Great Plains, and agriculture is a major industry in this state. These factors both contribute to the types of pests that are common in Oklahoma. Though there is a very extensive list of pests that can be found in this state, below you will find information about some of the most common Oklahoma pests. Knowing what pests to expect and what kind of problems and damage they can cause is the first step toward prevention.


Oklahoma is home to a range of different mites, but one of the most common mites found indoors is the clover mite. These bugs are very small in size, with a circular shape and reddish color. Clover mites usually appear in the spring and fall, and make their way into your house through small cracks around windows and floorboards. Fortunately, these pests pose no threat to humans or your pets, but they can stain walls and rugs when crushed and are generally a nuisance to have inside your home.

Ticks are another pest to be aware of in Oklahoma. Three tick species are very common in this state; the American dog tick, the lonestar tick and the brown dog tick. The American dog tick is a carrier of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and can transmit this to its host, making it a serious health concern. The lonestar tick is also quite common, and is identifiable by the single white spot on its back. These ticks are known to be very aggressive toward humans and can create symptoms that resemble Lyme disease, but it is actually a disease called STARI (southern tick-associated rash illness). The brown dog tick is very common inside homes and, unlike the other species, can live entirely indoors. These ticks usually enter your home on your dog, and from there, multiply until you end up with an infestation. Treating for ticks can be very difficult, but it is important to be aware of them and know which ones are a threat.

The boxelder bug is another very well known pest in Oklahoma. Per their name, these bugs primarily feed on the seeds of the boxelder tree. However, they can also be found on other trees frequently found near Oklahoma homes. They are recognized by their black color with red lines along their back. Though these bugs start out as an outdoor problem, in the fall and winter, they often move inside to escape the cold temperatures. Boxelder bugs also feed on other insects, and a noticeable presence of them in your home could indicate other household insect problems. It's no secret that any bugs inside your home are considered a nuisance, but the boxelder bug is harmless.

The mosquito, another dreaded pest, is also very common in Oklahoma. There are approximately 60 species of mosquitoes in Oklahoma, some of which carry diseases such as encephalitis, West Nile virus and malaria. Mosquitoes breed in water and can become infestations around your home, and often make their way indoors.

Oklahoma homeowners may also face other common pests such as cockroaches, rodents, spiders and stinging insects. No matter what type of pest problem you are facing, Terminix pest experts will help you devise a safe and effective treatment plan to keep your home pest free.


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