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The state of Rhode Island experiences cold winters and short summers, which are characteristic of the Northeast. This state also has rather high levels of humidity. These factors play a major role in the type of pests common in the state. Knowing what type of pests to expect and what type of problems or damage they can cause is one of the first steps toward pest control. Therefore, we have provided you detailed descriptions of some of Rhode Island's most formidable intruders.

Rodents are one major problem in Rhode Island, as mice and rats commonly invade homes and buildings. Both of these species are considered social animals, meaning that they travel and live in large numbers. Therefore, if you've found evidence of one mouse or rat in your home, there is a good chance you have a few more lurking around. Both rats and mice are known to carry diseases and can contaminate food items or leave droppings around your house. House mice are arguably the most common species found in United States homes. These pests are characterized by their large ears, but they are relatively small, only about 5-7 inches long. In Rhode Island, Norway rats and roof rats are both common. These rats are quite a bit larger than house mice. They can be distinguished by their difference in color as the Norway rat is a light to medium brown and the roof rat is dark brown to black. Regardless of what species of rodent is in your home, these creatures are very unwanted and need immediate treatment from a pest control expert.

It's no secret that termites are incredibly destructive creatures. Once they make their way into the structure of your home, the damage they can cause is immense. In Rhode Island as well as most of the United States, the Eastern subterranean termite is the most common culprit. These termites feed on wood cellulose, which is in the interior part of a wooden structure. This is especially problematic because the damage is inside the wood and cannot be easily seen. Often, by the time termites are discovered they have already done thousands of dollars in damage. Wooden foundation under your house, floorboards, and trim are all commonly attacked by these termites. Terminix pest experts can help you identify a potential termite problem and treat it appropriately.

Unfortunately, cockroaches are also a major concern in Rhode Island. In this state, several different species of cockroaches can be found. The German, American and brownbanded cockroach are all common in Rhode Island. The German cockroach is most often found near sources of food. You may see these pests appear more often in the kitchen, especially if crumbs are to be found. Both the German and American cockroach are tan to brownish-red in color, and the main distinction between them is that the American cockroach is much larger. The American cockroach prefers dark, damp environments and may be found in basements, bathrooms or sewers. Conversely, the brownbanded cockroach prefers drier environments and is often found around furniture, appliances or electronic equipment. The brownbanded cockroach is distinguished by two light brown stripes along its back.

These are only a few of the pests that you may encounter in Rhode Island. Spiders, ants, stinging insects and beetles are also prevalent. Regardless of what type of pest problem you are facing, Terminix pest experts will work with you on an individual basis to devise a safe and effective treatment plan to keep your home pest free.


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