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Virginia has a very diverse landscape, which results in varying climates throughout the state. These factors lead to a wide variety of pests in the state as well. One of the most important aspects of pest control is to understand what type of pests you may encounter in your home and what kind of problems and damage they can cause.

Carpenter bees are common in the state of Virginia and can cause some minor structural damage to your home. The Eastern carpenter bee is the species commonly found in Virginia, and these bees tunnel through wood to make their nests. Unlike termites, carpenter bees do not eat the wood and a pile of sawdust is left as a sign of their presence. Only the female carpenter bees can sting. These bees don't cause the extensive damage termites are known for, but they can create some visual damage to the wood of your home or shed. If you find these pests around your house, Terminix can help you safely, and effectively eliminate them.

Most homeowners are aware of the problems associated with termites, but powder post beetle can also cause major structural damage to your home. The eggs are laid inside the wood and the larvae feed on the wood before tunneling their way out, damaging the wood in the process. Like termites, the damage often goes unseen from the outside and the only visible markings are small holes left when the adult beetles exit the wooden structure.

Virginia homeowners may also experience earwigs in their homes from time to time. These pests are recognized by their long bodies and pinchers. Earwigs prefer cooler temperatures and moist areas. They sometimes move indoors in search of water or cooler temperatures. These pests can pinch if threatened, but they are generally harmless.

Ticks are another pest to be aware of in Virginia. Four tick species are very common in this state; the American dog tick, the lonestar tick, the deer tick and the brown dog tick. The American dog tick and the lonestar tick can both be carriers of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and can transmit this to its host, making it a serious health concern. The brown dog tick is very common inside homes and, unlike the other species, can live entirely indoors. These ticks usually enter your home on your dog, and from there, multiply until you end up with an infestation. The deer tick can carry Lyme disease, which makes this species a health threat to humans as well. Treating for ticks can be very difficult, but it is important to be aware of them and know which ones can be a threat.

A wide variety of other pests are common in the state as well including cockroaches, ants, spiders and rodents. No matter what type of pests you are facing in your home, Terminix pest control experts will devise a safe and effective treatment plan to keep your home pest free.


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