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Treat Your Home From the Very Beginning

Termite Pre-Treatment for New Home Construction and Additions

Termite Pre-Treatment for Your Home

Treating your home for termites before it's built is an important step in your home's construction process. The same goes for new additions. Pretreating soil for termites can go a long way in preventing an infestation from ever occurring.

At Terminix, we understand the importance of thorough and effective soil pretreatment, and apply the same level of expertise and care in pretreatments that we do for existing home treatments.

Here's what you get with a pre-construction pretreatment from Terminix:

  • Borate wood treatment
  • Baiting system pretreatment

For crawl spaces, Terminix uses the exclusive Humidi-Seal Plus system, designed to treat and seal crawl spaces of new homes. The system includes insulating and sealing of the interior wall and crawl space with a reinforced liner, treatment of all visible wood with a borate solution to prevent decay fungi, humidity sensor and home gauge post-construction installation, and installation of a precautionary baiting system to stop termites in their tracks before reaching your home's crawl space.

Building or renovating your home is a big investment. Don't let termites destroy it. Protect your home with Terminix Pretreatment Solutions.

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