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Pest Prevention Tips

The best solution is stopping a pest problem before it begins

Pest Prevention Tips

Stopping pests from entering your home is the best way to combat pest problems. Below is a list of helpful tips to protect your home and family from tiny invaders year-round.

  1. Make sure screens and weather stripping fit tightly and are in good condition on exterior doors and windows.
  2. Don't leave food sitting out on the counter for long periods of time. Cover it, or put it away after eating to prevent ants and flies from moving into the kitchen.
  3. Periodically check your home's foundation for cracks, then seal them completely to deter spiders, ants and cockroaches from entering your home.
  4. Store clothes in plastic containers or bags to prevent fabric pest from invading.
  5. Ensure your home's attic and crawl space is well ventilated. Cockroaches and other pests prefer non-ventilated environments, so the ventilation will keep them at bay.
  6. Keep mulch flower bedding several inches below your home's wooden structures and siding. Better yet, use mulch bedding no less than a foot from your home's foundation.
  7. Do not keep piles of debris, bricks, stones or firewood beside your home.

Special care for termite prevention:

  1. Repair plumbing leaks, including leaky faucets, air conditioning units and water pipes promptly.
  2. Keep gutters clear and have them divert water away from your home's foundation.
  3. Do not store wood items in crawl space or directly next to your home.
  4. Trim bushes and trees away from home's foundation.
  5. Repair or replace damaged siding and roof shingles to prevent leaks and easy termite entry.

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