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Signs you have a termite infestation

Termites Invading Your Home? Here's how to know for sure.

Suspecting you may have termites can be alarming. But if you know the signs of a termite infestation, the faster you'll be able to rid your home of these unwanted pests.

New termite infestations begin when winged termites swarm from their nests in early spring in search of a new colony. These termites eventually lose their wings, pair up with a mate and begin digging in the soil for a new home. Most winged termites cannot survive indoors, but if you do find one inside, chances are high that non-winged termites are invading your home.

The 3 Most Common Signs of a Termite Infestation

Sign #1: Winged Termite Sighting
Winged termites are attracted to light, so you'll often find them near indoor or outdoor light fixtures, or clinging to screens or windows. They may also emerge from the base of foundation walls, porches or patios, particularly if wood is present. Winged termites are most active during the months of March to May, and closely resemble flying ants. If you see a winged termite in your home, call for termite treatment services immediately.

Sign #2: Earthen Tubes
If your infestation has progressed to include a colony of feeding active termites, mud tubes will often appear on the sides of foundations walls and support structures to your home. You may also find them in the crevices of concrete homes, in ceilings along the contours of a room, or in open spaces where they have no other direct path to their food source the wood in your home. These tubes are roughly a centimeter or two in diameter and consist mostly of dried mud and termite droppings. Destroying them will not eliminate the termites from your home, and finding one empty usually means the termites are simply foraging in another part of the tube, or have vacated it for another part of your home. It's best to call a termite control professional at this point.

Sign #3: Wood Destruction
The third and most common sign of termite infestations is wood damage. Termites will hollow out wood along the grain leaving small particles of mud or soil in the feeding gallery. The wood will be rippled and appear sunken in places, even if the outer surface appears untouched. This wood will be weak and may be easy to ply away or break through.

Termites can also feed undetected on your home for years, making periodic inspections a vital step in ensuring your home's health. Call Terminix today for your FREE home inspection and quote.

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