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Termite Treatment

Trust your home's termite treatment to the professionals at Terminix.

Termite treatment plans from Terminix

Terminix offers two different treatment options for termite infestations liquid and bait. Each system is designed to help rid your home of existing or new termite colonies.

Liquid Termite Treatment Systems

Liquid termite treatment systems work by creating a liquid barrier around the perimeter of your home. This chemical barrierinfects the termites that forage through it, and is then transmitted to other members of the colony through contact with the infected termites or through communal feeding. Depending on the type of chemical used, the in- fections slowly kill the termites by preventing cellular production, leading to death by lethargy. Some termites who come in contact with lethal doses of the chemicals will die instantly, but because the chemicals are designed to kill over time, most infected termites are able to spread it to other termites, thus eliminating or suppressing the entire colony.

Terminix uses the Liquid Defend System to provide quick and lasting results. The system creates a termite treatment zone around your home's foundation, which immediately begins to eliminate an existing colony. Despite this fast-acting solution, the treatment zone is safe for your family, pets and home.

Bait Termite Treatment Systems

The other type of termite treatment system is called subterranean baiting. With a baiting system, small wood and paper baits are placed in the ground around the perimeter of your home's foundation. The baits are laced with a slow-acting agent that is lethal to termites. As with liquid treatment systems, termites who ingest the treated bait will eventually pass on the chemical to other termites in their colony.

The chemicals used in most baiting systems interfere with the termites' ability to molt or shed their exoskeleton, a Necessarymetamorphosis for termites to grow and thrive. The termites then die during their next molting cycle.Typically these baits areplaced in in-ground cylindrical plastic tubes outdoors, but they may also be placed indoors near mud tubes. Baiting can be usedalone or along with liquid treatment.

Terminix uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, which is designed to wipe out colonies before they reach yourhome. Instead of initially placing treated wood in the bait, Terminix places untreated wood in the bait, then monitors themelectronically until activity is detected. Once active termites invade the bait, the termites are placed in a treated bait, which they ingestand carry back to their colony. Just one baiting treatment by Terminix can eliminate a colony.

No other baiting system compares to Terminix's Colony Elimination System. It's a fast, lasting and proven method for ridding your home and property of termites.

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